Skinny Insults

There are 20 skinny insults and comebacks.

  • You look like you're getting ready for a trip to Ethiopia.
  • You're so skinny, you have to run around in the shower to get wet.
  • You're so skinny, when you did your first jump on a pogo stick you would never come back.
  • The Olsen twins called. They want their eating disorder back.
  • I would cut your throat out, but you need it to barf up your meals.
  • You're so skinny, starving Ethiopians offer you food.
  • You're so skinny, you probably wipe your ass with floss.
  • You're so skinny, your nipples touch.
  • You're so skinny that if I were to put you on a flagpole, you would wave in the wind.
  • You're so skinny, you can hoola-hoop with Fruit loops
  • You're so skinny, you could be saved from drowning by being tossed a Cheerio.
  • You're so skinny, your mom actually enjoyed your birth!
  • I've seen more meat on a chicken than you
  • You're so skinny, you can dodge rain drops.
  • You're so skinny, you swallowed a meatball and thought you were pregnant.
  • You're so skinny, you strap popsicle sticks to your feet to keep from going down the drain!
  • You're so skinny, you can see out the peep hole with both eyes.
  • You're so skinny, when you turn sideways, you disappeared.
  • You're so skinny that you use Chapstick as deodorant.
  • You're so skinny you don't swim, you skinny dip.