Money Insults

Wealth isn't everything, so why not have a laugh about it with our money insults and comebacks for rich and poor alike.

  • You're so poor, when you went to a charity shop you asked when the sales are on.
  • You're so poor, you should be sponsored by a kid in Africa.
  • You're so poor you don't even have enough money to pay attention.
  • You're so poor, even the Mexicans make fun of you!
  • You're so poor, I lit a match and the roaches ran out singing "clap your hands, stomp your feet, praise the lord cause we got heat!"
  • You're so poor that when I asked if I could use the bathroom at your house your mom gave me two sticks, one to hold the ceiling up and one to fight the cockroaches.
  • You're so poor, your version of cable TV is to go outside, watch the police and call it "Cops."
  • You're so poor you're always talking about the time you almost ate at a restaurant!
  • You're so poor that when you go to McDonalds, you have to put the dollar meal on layaway!
  • You're so poor that when I went to your house and used the bathroom, a rat tripped me and a cockroach took my wallet.
  • You're so poor that if you didn't have a hard on when Christmas came, you wouldn't have anything to play with.
  • You're so poor that yesterday I saw your mother moving a trash can from one street to another. I asked what was she doing and she said, "I am moving my house
    to another place it's too noisy out there!"
  • There was something about you that I liked, but you spent it.