Random Insults and Comebacks

A random selection of insults and comebacks that changes every time the page is loaded.

  • 1
    I'm very careful of how I express my opinions of you because I want to put as much vituperation in them as possible.
  • 2
    Someone took a photo of you once, but it didn't turn out. You could be seen too clearly.
  • 3
    Yo momma like a birthday cake: Everybody gets a piece.
  • 4
    Yo momma is so tiny she plays basketball with a cocoa puff.
  • 5
    Did you just call me a bitch? Because a bitch is a dog. Dogs bark. Bark is on trees. Trees are a part of nature. And nature is beautiful. I know I'm beautiful! Thanks for the complement.
  • 6
    Don't like my sarcasm? Well, I don't like your stupid.
  • 7
    You're so developed, a plane can crash into your boobs.
  • 8
    Insult: FUCK YOU!
    Comeback: No thanks, I don't want herpes.
  • 9
    You remind me of the ocean -- you make me sick.
  • 10
    If you spoke your mind, you'd be speechless.
  • 11
    A dope you are and dope will remain. Completely unlike cocaine.
  • 12
    I would tell you to go fuck yourself but I’m pretty sure you’d be disappointed.