Hair Insults

There are 26 hair insults and comebacks.

  • A gingers favourite picture... Black and white
  • Wonder how your hair gets blood supply.
  • Oi ginger get back in the biscuit tin.
  • What's the difference between a Ginger and a Brick? Bricks can get laid.
  • You're so bald, I can see my reflection.
  • You're so bald, that when you wear a poncho, you look like a broken condom.
  • Someone get water! His hair is on fire!
  • Fake nails, fake hair, fake smile. Bitch, are you sure you weren't made in China?
  • You're so bald, you look like a corn dog with eyebrows.
  • You're so bald, I can see whats on your mind.
  • Yo momma so hairy she makes Bigfoot look like a tiny hairball
  • Is that styling gel in your hair or KY?
  • You look like a dildo. If I paint you pink and shove batteries up your ass will you vibrate?
  • Oh I love what you've done with your hair! How did you get it to stick out of your nostrils like that?
  • You're so bald, I rub your head to see into the future.
  • The copper wiring in the electronic circuitry has gone bad. Can you give me some?
  • What does a shoe have that a ginger doesn't? A sole.
  • Your hairstyle is so ugly, my cat has coughed up better looking ones.
  • At least ginger kids have something to look forward to in later life. Like going grey.
  • Oh no, a ginger! RED ALERT!!!