Casual Insults

There are 7 casual insults and comebacks.

  • 1
    If I were a dog and you were a flower I'd lift my leg up and give you a shower.
  • 2
    Cool story bro, now when's the part when I give a fuck?
  • 3
    No one asked me how my day was.
    Person says: How was your day?
    You: Like your mom's penis, long and hard
  • 4
    Woah, who pissed in your fruitloops this morning?
  • 5
    If I had a dollar for every time I thought about you, I would start thinking about you.
  • 6
    Somebody call the zoo! There's been an escape from the simian exhibit.
  • 7
    Cool story bro, now make me a sandwich.