Perverted Insults

4 years ago
I heard your mom got fired from her job at the sperm bank - the boss caught her drinking on the job.
5 years ago
Your boyfriend hasn't gotten sick from eating your tuna every night?
6 years ago
You're one load your mum should have swallowed!
6 years ago
Your face can shrivel a man like a 3 hour bath.
6 years ago
You have more rolls then an elephant's scrotum.
6 years ago
I have a head pain from your mom screaming last night.
6 years ago
You're the cum your mother should have swallowed.
6 years ago
Person: Nice comeback! You: If I wanted my comeback , I'd go ask your mom.
6 years ago
KFC banned you for having a bigger bucket than them.
6 years ago
Hey, did you think up that line during your last circle jerk?