Computer Insults

There are 13 computer insults and comebacks.

  • 1
    You're so stupid, that you put a condom in your computer so it wouldn't catch a virus.
  • 2
    You're such a nerd that your penis probably plugs into a flash drive.
  • 3
    You know you're a bad gamer when you're able to run out of infinite lives.
  • 4
    You are so computer illiterate, you shake your laptop to get the cookies out
  • 5
    You know you're a bad gamer when you still miss with an aimbot.
  • 6
    This is the government's plan to see if monkeys can type, and I have to say: they successfully accomplished that.
  • 7
    You're so stupid, even a two button mouse gives you too many options.
  • 8
    The only game you can play is the one I just made you lose.
  • 9
    You're not important - you're just an NPC!
  • 10
    Yo momma's so FAT32, she wouldn't be accepted by NTFS!
  • 11
    You know you're a bad gamer when invincibility only increases your survivability by 1/2.
  • 12
    Wow, you're so slow, is your ping at 999?
  • 13
    Your mother is so fat, the recursive function computing her mass causes a stack overflow.