Family Insults

There are 13 family insults and comebacks.

  • Your family tree must be a cactus because you're all pricks.
  • You're just mad because your Dad has a bigger pussy than you. And it's pinker.
  • Insult: Why are you so stupid?
    Comeback: Because I'm related to you!
  • Your momma's so fat, when she went to the beach wearing black and white the whales jumped out and started singing "we are family even though you're fatter than me."
  • Looks like you have congenital diarrhea. It runs down your 'genes'.
  • How were you born? Your dad has no balls!
  • I don't mean to diss you, but I saw your Mum selling a Big Issue.
  • Yo momma's so poor, your family ate cereal with a fork to save milk.
  • FOR THE LAST TIME! Your mother left here at 9 this morning... Leave me alone!
  • Your family is so poor, when you asked what was for dinner your mother held up her feet and said "corns!"
  • Your grandfather is so old, when he went to school, history was current events.
  • You mother is so old she went to an antiques auction and people bid on her.