Random Yo Momma Insults

Funny Yo Momma Insults that will make you wet yourself laughing. Use these Yo Momma insults or just read and laugh.

  • Yo mommas so fat, kids can slide down her back.
  • Yo momma's so poor, I saw her chasing the garbage truck with a shopping list.
  • Yo mamas so ugly she walked in to Taco Bell and everybody ran to the border.
  • Yo momma like a goalie: Changes pads after three periods.
  • Yo momma's so stupid, when she heard that Christmas was around the corner, she went looking for it.
  • Yo mamma's so fat when she went to the beach the all the whales jumped out and started singing "We are Family"
  • Yo momma's so fat, they had to fit speed bumps at the buffet.
  • Yo momma's so fat that when she jumped for joy she got stuck!
  • Your momma's butt is so big, she got stopped at the airport for having 200 pounds of crack!
  • Yo momma's so fat, when she walks, she shows up on the richter scale!
  • Yo momma's so fat, she couldn't even jump to a conclusion!
  • Yo momma so nasty when your daddy ate her pussy he got food poisoning.
  • Yo momma's so fat that when she wears a yellow raincoat, people yell "TAXI!"
  • Yo momma's so fat she sat on a quarter and squeezed a booger out of George Washington's nose.
  • Yo momma like a vacuum cleaner: A real good suck.
  • Yo momma's so stupid, it takes her 2 hours to watch 60 Minutes.
  • Yo momma's like a penny; two faced and worthless.
  • Yo momma armpits so hairy looks like she got Buckwheat in a headlock!
  • Yo momma's so fat, she uses the pacific ocean to take a bath.
  • Yo momma's so fat, she puts tampons on with a bazooka.