Fat Insults

There are 139 fat insults and comebacks.

  • You're so fat, when you went to space, there was no space left.
  • I know five fat people, and you're three of them.
  • Your mother is so fat, the recursive function computing her mass causes a stack overflow.
  • Did you know they used to be called "Jumpolines" until your mom jumped on one?
  • You're so fat, when you sit around the house, you sit AROUND the HOUSE.
  • Hey, you have something on your chin.... No, the 3rd one down.
  • Do you wanna lose ten pounds of ugly fat? Cut off your head.
  • You're so fat, when you're single it's more like single and ready for a Pringle.
  • Behind every fat person there's someone beautiful. No seriously, you're in the way.
  • Yo momma's so fat, they had to fit speed bumps at the buffet.
  • Some people carry ketchup with them, some people carry maple syrup with them. But you, you carry the whole fucking McDonald's!
  • You wanna know how I know you're an autobot? You have to "roll out" of everywhere you go.
  • Person: Does this dress make me look fat?
    You: No, your fat makes you look fat.
  • Hey I forgot to tell you: the bakery called, they said they want their rolls back.
  • Yo momma's so fat, when she asked for a water bed, they put a blanket over the Pacific ocean.
  • Yo momma's so fat, she broke the stair way to heaven.
  • Yo momma's so fat that when she farted, she started global warming.
  • Yo momma‚Äôs so fat, the NSA had to build a 2 billion dollar complex to store her weight information.
  • Yo momma's so fat, she needs a wrist watch on both hands because she's in two different time zones!
  • Yo momma's like the Eiffel Tower; she's so big that all of France has seen her and half of Europe has been up her!