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Mean Insults

You make less sense than a white basketball player.
Your mother was arrested for littering every time she dropped you off at school.
I'd slap you, but I don't want slut on my hands.
I hear you are a real humanitarian. You have kept three or four detectives working regularly.
God loves you. But no one else does!
Person: My Parents are dead...
Me: Yeah, I'd kill myself too if I had a kid like you.
Do you need those glasses to see the size of your dick?
Some people are like slinkies; they're really good for nothing, but they still bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs.
If I wanted a friend like you, I'd buy a dog.
Is your name Laryngitis? You're a pain in the neck.
I'm gonna get you a condom. That way you can have protection when you go fuck yourself.
Anybody who told you to be yourself simply couldn't have given you worse advice...
Oh I love what you've done with your hair! How did you get it to stick out of your nostrils like that?
I'd like to kick you in the teeth, but why should I improve your looks?
Everyone hates Emos - even the Emos themselves!
God made mountains, God made trees, God made you but we all make mistakes.
Light travels faster than sound, this is why some people appear bright before they speak.
You'd make a lovely corpse!
Even your best friend cheats on you and lies to you, and that's the best friend you can get.
No one should be punished for accident of birth but you look too much like a wreck not to be.
I'm very careful of how I express my opinions of you because I want to put as much vituperation in them as possible.
Do you have to leave so soon? I was about to poison the tea.
Roses are red, violets are blue, I have 5 fingers, the 3rd ones for you.
If you don't want to give people a bad name, you will have your children illegitimately.
I hear you are connected to the Police Department -- by a pair of handcuffs.
Would you like to replace my business partner who died this morning? I'll arrange it with the undertaker.
Twinkle twinkle little star,
I want to hit you with my car,
Throw you off a cliff so high,
I hope you break your neck and die.
I'm no cactus expert, but I know a prick when I see one.
Your parents only had you cause your mother couldn't afford the abortion.
If I wanted to kill myself, I'd climb up your ego and jump to your IQ.