Random Mean Insults

Sometimes situations warrant extra mean insults and comebacks. Fire back at the haters with these mean insults and retorts.

  • Exactly how many times did your mother get drunk and drop you on the head as a child again? Must have been a lot, I'll tell you that.
  • i heard that your mom was driving in the junkyard looking for a place to dispose of you quickly
  • Even your best friend cheats on you and lies to you, and that's the best friend you can get.
  • Well I'll see you in my dreams - if I eat too much.
  • So you finally managed to get the last laugh [word]; a long time ago.
  • You're the left-overs from the abortion bucket.
  • I'll hit you so hard your kids will be born dizzy!
  • If you ever wonder how mistakes are made you should go ask your mother. She knows all about it, she's got you to prove.
  • Is your name Dan Druff? You get into people's hair.
  • Before I met you I thought God didn't make mistakes, but I guess I was wrong.
  • We know you could not live without us. We'll pay for the funeral.
  • Man alive! But I wish you weren't.
  • I'm a pacifist alright - I'm about to pass a fist right across your face.
  • I'm not saying I hate you, but if you were on fire, I'd sit down and pull out the marshmallows.
  • Your mother's got two cunts, and you're one of them.
  • Interrupt my sleep and I'll interrupt your breathing.
  • How do you get an emo out of a tree? Cut the rope.
  • I wish my lawn was emo so it would cut itself.
  • God made mountains, God made trees, God made you but we all make mistakes.
  • I hope you have life insurance, you're gonna need it.