Random Fat Insults

Ready for some funny overweight banter? Comeback with these humorous insults for fat people.

  • I've been told that inside every fat person, there's someone beautiful... I'm just wondering who the hell you ate!?
  • You're so fat, your ass looks like a road map.
  • You're so fat, when you do push-ups, your stomach hits the floor and leaves marks.
  • Damn - you need a bell hanging from your neck!
  • You're so fat your year book picture was taken by a helicopter.
  • You wanna know how I know you're an autobot? You have to "roll out" of everywhere you go.
  • You're so fat when you sit around the house, you sit AROUND the HOUSE
  • Your so fat that when got on the elevater it said only 15 people at a time maximum thank you
  • I know five fat people, and you're three of them.
  • You're so fat, when God said let their be light, he said get your fat ass out the way.
  • You're so fat, you sweat gravy.
  • Your so fat when you go to theme parks you get a group discount!
  • Big girls don't cry? Yes they do. They cry because they're fat, can't get a boyfriend and cry because there's no trifle left.
  • You're so fat, you literally poop logs.
  • I wonder how many children are in that stomach.
  • You're so fat, when you sit around the house, you sit AROUND the HOUSE.
  • You're so fat, when you take a shower your feet don't get wet!
  • If your IQ was as high as your weight, you'd be a genius.
  • Damn! How long have you been pregnant?
  • You're so fat, you leave footprints in concrete.